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Our Mission

Run Fit Nutrition® is the first supplement brand specifically engineered for runners. Our goal is to provide the highest quality ingredients that help you maximize your performance, stay healthy, and recover faster. All of this while being easy on your stomach. Every product is developed for runners, by runners.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Run Fit Nutrition we love runners, and we want runner’s to love us!  We are so dedicated to you and so confident that you will love your supplements that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know and we will issue a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Why Run Fit Nutrition Was Created

Supplement companies have been one-upping another for years trying to convince you the more ingredients the better.  The truth is, your body can only absorb or digest so much of certain ingredients at a time.  Everything else can cause stomach distress in athletes, and cause your liver and kidneys to filter out the unabsorbed nutrients, causing them to work harder then they should.  You need all of those organs working well and efficiently while running or partaking in endurance sports, to perform at your highest level.  

This is exactly why Run Fit exists today and why it is trusted by so many runner’s and other athletes.  The exact micro-nutrients you need, nothing you don’t, and in the right quantity and form that your body can effectively digest to keep you healthy, strong, and recover as quickly as possible.

About Our Manufacturing

At Run Fit Nutrition we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to manufacturing and quality.  That’s why we have been certified as a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) company.  We have a robust, 18,000 square feet of food grade manufacturing space that follows the strict guidelines of the FDA.  We also have state of the art laboratory and supplement manufacturing equipment.  This allows us to meet our runner’s demand while maintaining our quality and purity standards.

Our Process

1. Consult Elite Runners

The first step is the most crucial.  Our team of sports medicine nutritionists work closely with elite runners to determine which ingredients and in what proportions should be used in our supplements.  The runner’s provide important insight into issues they face that other endurance athletes may not encounter.  Our nutritionists also do research into which micro-nutrients provide the effects we want while being natural and easy on digestion.

2. Manufacture Test Formulas

After taking the feedback from our runners, our sports medicine nutritionists manufacture small batches of supplement formulas.

3. Endurance Test Runner’s in Fitness Lab

Once the test formulas are finalized, we structure endurance tests with our elite runners in our state of the art fitness lab.  We start with a control test series where the runner’s use only water for hydration.  This provides us with a baseline performance level.   The second series of tests is after the runner’s have taken the recommended dose of Run Fit Nutrition supplements.  We also randomly blind test our runners with placebo supplements to assure the intended results are achieved.

4. Use Test Results to Refine Formula

We take the feedback from our runners, along with the data collected from the fitness lab tests.  We refine the formula to be most effective.

5. Mass Manufacture, Bottle, Distribute Running Supplements

Once the final formula is created.  We use our manufacturing facility to mass produce, bottle and distribute our running supplements.

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