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Input For Running

Running is an ‘output’ activity.

Here’s what we mean: as you run, you're expending calories and energy. You're also building up your joints, and your muscles in your core, and benefiting your cardiovascular system. But in the very simplest sense, running is output.

With that in mind, it makes sense to look in detail at the corresponding input of what you use to supplement your running routine. Why do runners take supplements?

Getting What You Need

What kinds of things do runners rely on us for as they make their way around the track?

One of our most popular items is joint support formulations. Running can be hard on the joints, and getting what you need for joint support helps you to keep that healthy cartilage in place to cushion joint impact. Running does build up related muscles, but on hard surfaces, joint impact matters.

Then there's probiotics, which enhance the digestive cycle. As we know, that has an impact on the body as a whole. You can find out more on the site from educational resources that help to illustrate our approach.

In addition, there are a number of different performance vitamins that can enhance your running routine, too. All of it is available on our site, with easy ingredient labels and instructions to help you make the most of it what you use to support your daily run.

Balance in Running Supplements

As we point out on the website, another good tip is to avoid the trap of overload.

Some products try to compete based on claims that they offer ‘the most’ of this vitamin or mineral or substance. That's something to be wary of, because the body can only digest so much of the stuff it wants. You don't want to have excessive input – you want it to be just right. Just as you might hear a scientist talk about ‘Goldilocks levels’ of equilibrium for anything from a chemical formulation to the health of the planet, you also want to apply this idea to your vitamin regimen.

In addition, our products are made in a facility that is accredited by GMP, and formulations are FDA approved for their use.

Enjoy your running routine with the right support. Be confident that you have the tools in your toolbox to protect your body as you run, and you'll see how this kind of synergy promotes better overall health for the long-term. We help you to do the science behind the input and output of running and physical activity, in order to promote your best body responses.

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