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Running And Your Immune System The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

If you got through the headline, don't be afraid – running, in general, is good for your immune system. The negative side is really something that's pretty subjective and has a few disclaimers attached.


We’ll explain.


The Good


The good news about running is that it generally strengthens your immune system over time.


Exercise gets the body going, and excites physical responses that tend to build a better immune system. That means a runner is generally going to have a better immune system than someone who's pretty sedentary.


With that in mind, there are some things to know about short-term immune system changes with hard physical exercise.


The Bad


Basically, some science suggests that after a hard exercise session, the body's immune system is temporarily weaker. That makes sense, because the body has expended all of this energy on the exercise that's building the core and improving circulation and all that. In some ways, it's kind of the same as the joint impact on the body, where exercise eventually strengthens joints by building muscle around the bone, but can have a negative impact on joints if it's done without the right protective cushioning or with excessive frequency. Basically, although your body can give you warning signs, knowing more about the impact of running will help you to proactively plan for your own long-term success.


More About The Immune System


Getting back to the immune system, there's a good way to hedge against any small impact that your running may have on short-term immune system strength.


It's a booster made of elderberry extract, that's why we include it in our runner’s essentials package. Try our Runner’s Elderberry Immune Support gummies to shield your body against the effects of fatigue, and to give your immune system that temporary kick right after an exercise session. You’ll also get a healthy helping of vitamin C and zinc, to beat the seasonal cold and flu and other nasty viral attacks.


Speaking of joint impact, we have joint health supplements, too. Take a look on the website for all of the products that we offer to support your daily running regimen. We also have resources like race pace charts to help you manage your speed, and our blog providing more details on best practices for a morning or afternoon run. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions about how our products add to a healthy fitness routine!

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