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Tips to Maintain Your Running Routine This Winter

In many areas, it seems as if the seasons change overnight. One day, it’s a pleasant 60-degrees in the afternoon with plenty of sunshine, and the next, the temperatures are below freezing, and your typical running route is covered in ice and snow. Despite what you may think, running in cold weather does not have to be as miserable as it may seem. While you may not continue training as usual, you can still crush your workouts. 

Do you want to make the most of running this winter? If so, keep reading. 

Give Yourself a Reward 

If you get yourself up and out the door with the promise of a reward when you are done, you are more likely to actually enjoy your running experience. The reward can be anything that you find exciting, such as a sweet treat, hot coffee, or quick catch-up with an old friend. 

Wear Proper Shoes 

To help keep the warmth in and all the slush and ice out, be sure to run in shoes that are not made with a lot of mesh. If possible, find shoes that have Gore-Tex uppers. An added level of protection is socks that will wick away any wetness while keeping your feet warm and toasty. 

Dress Like It Is Warmer Outside 

You need to be warm, but not so warm that you sweat and get a chill. This is often a tough balance to achieve. An excellent way to make sure you find that balance is by dressing like it is 10 or 20 degrees warmer than it really is. You should feel slightly cool (maybe chilly) when you first start out.

To get the layering right, stick with a few technical fabrics that are going to wick sweat and that have zippers at the underarms and neck to vent the air as you start to heat up. The more that you run outside, the more you will figure out what works for you. 

Make Sure People Can See You

In the winter, daylight hours are few and far between. With snowbanks on plowed streets, you may even be harder to see. You must make sure you are visible while you are running, especially in the early morning or later evening. Do this by wearing plenty of fluorescent, reflective gear. Do not be shy about this. Other options include wearing a headlamp or carrying along a flashlight for additional visibility. 

Warm-Up before You Run

Get your blood flowing inside before you head out into the cold. You don’t need to do so much you start sweating, but you should get warm. This is going to help ensure the cold outside does not feel so cold. 

To enjoy running during the colder months of the year, there are steps you can take. Keep these things in mind to enjoy all winter running has to offer. Being informed and knowing what to expect are the best ways to enjoy your winter running routine.

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