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5 Tips For Running More Efficiently

Did you realize that less than 5% of the adults in America get over 30 minutes of physical activity a day? Over the past few decades, Americans have settled more into jobs in sedentary environments. If you have to sit at a desk all day, it can really wreak havoc on your health. This is why you need to find ways to stay active and fit. For millions of people, running is something they do on a daily basis. 

If you are an avid runner, your main concern needs to be running more efficiently. By running efficiently, you can maximize your workout without putting a strain on your body. Here are some tips you can use to run more efficiently. 

1. Good Posture is a Must

When you first start running, you will need to let our body adjust to this activity. In the beginning, you will need to focus on providing your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Products like our Runner’s Joint Support supplement are designed to strengthen and protect your joints. You also need to focus on running with good posture if you want to lessen the impact of running on your joints. 

If your posture is off, it can put undue pressure on your hips due to their inability to fully extend. This is why you need to focus on keeping your back as straight as possible as you run. The longer you allow bad posture to put a strain on your hips, the harder it will be to avoid injuries. 

2. Work on Strengthen Your Core and Glutes

As you run, your lower body will need stability to avoid injuries. Most of this stability comes from your core and your glutes. If these areas are exceptionally weak, it is only a matter of time before knee or back injuries occur. This is why you need to focus on working out these vital parts of your body on a regular basis. 

While running will provide you with a great cardio workout, you will need to do more to strengthen your muscles. This is why you need to work on doing push-ups, planks and squats on a daily basis. By doing this, you can strengthen these muscles and improve the efficiency of your running technique. 

3. You Have to Stretch Before and After Your Run

There is no doubt that running is a great form of exercise. During your run, nearly every part of your body will get pushed to its limits. Before you embark on a run, you need to spend some time stretching your legs and core. By stretching these muscles beforehand, you can avoid pulling muscles during your workout. You also need to stretch your muscles thoroughly after the run to avoid soreness the next day. 

4. Improve Your Foot Strike

If your heel always hits the ground first it might be a sign your hips are behind your feet, which is called “overstriding”. When you overstride, it’s like you’re riding the brakes while your foot is on the accelerator because it takes more effort to pull your hips over your feet so you can push off again. You may not land on your toes or the ball of the foot, but at least make sure your foot lands under your hips. A good way to practice is to run short distances barefoot on a soft surface.

5. Focus on Your Breathing

While on a run or in a race there are often a million things running through your head; What's my pace? How much further? Will I place? How do I look? How's my form? So many things that runner's often forget about their breathing.  They find themselves not synching their breathing to their cadence and taking too shallow of breaths, that will decrease your oxygen levels and diminish your running economy.

Get the most out of your breathing by forcing your breath right down into your abdomen, so you can see it expanding as you breathe in. Efficient runners tend to breathe in a 3:3 ratio at a relaxed run pace and 2:2 when they get serious; that is, two breaths for every two steps with the same leg, assuming 90 steps per minute each leg. 

Don’t worry too much about whether you breathe through your nose, mouth or both – just remember that your mouth will take in and expel more air, more quickly.

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