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7 Tips for Running in the Heat

Summer is in full swing and temps are up, that doesn't mean your running needs to stop... or even slow down!  Here are 7 tips for running in the heat to help keep you safe and keep you moving forward.

1. Wear Loose & Light Clothing:

Wearing clothing that is light and off your body will help the heat not get trapped on your body. Loose clothing allows air flow to get in and cool you down. In the heat you are more prone to sweat so wearing performance or moisture wicking material is a must.  Also, it may be slimming, but dark color clothing is going to feel hotter.  Wearing light colored clothes will help you stay a bit cooler.

2. Use Body Glide:

Body glide is used for runners who experience chaffing. Warm temps will have you sweating more, which can lead to chaffing in areas that your skin touches and rubs together; most typically between the thighs. Anti-chaffing sticks, such as Body Glide, helps your skin slide easier without the friction that causes chaffing. Trust us, this will help running be a little more enjoyable in the heat.

3. Switch to Effort-Based Training:

Your paces will naturally get slower because of the heat. So, when you find yourself running on a hot day, try not to be as concerned with your pace or time, focus more on your effort level and know that you don’t have to be a hero.  You are at more risk for heat stroke and dehydration so listen to your body. Running by effort-level will keep you in a safe effort range and keep you from working harder than you need to.

4. Avoid Running at Peak Heat:

Routine is really important to a lot of runners, but consider altering your routine a bit on the extra hot days. Try to avoid running at the hottest point in the day if you can. Check the forecast in advance and see when the temps will be a bit more reasonable and plan your run around that.  Perhaps its early in the morning, or late in the evening. Running when the sun is down will help keep you cool.  However, if you are running at night, please be safe.  A small investment into reflective clothing or running lights will help you stay visible and could save your life!

5. Run in the Shade:

The sun beating down on you will make it feel hotter than it is. Keeping yourself in the shade will keep your body temperature down and your heart rate slower.  Paved running/biking trails are often lined by trees and make a great shady place to run.  If you don’t have one right near your home; it may be more inconvenient, but consider driving to one.  It’ll make a world of difference.

6. Bring Water:

Drink water as much as possible. We can’t stress the importance of staying hydrated enough.  Those hot days are going to have you sweating much more than normal, so you need to replenish your water and electrolytes much more than normal. Also splashing water on your body, wrists, and over your head will help keep core body temperature low.  This will help you keep your heart rate down which in turns make your running feel easier.

For electrolyte support, especially on hot days, check out our RUNNER’S ELECTROLYTES.

7. Run with a Friend:

Sometimes running with a friend can distract you from how hot it is.  It’s also a good safety measure.  Make sure your friend is drinking enough water and isn’t over doing it.  If something happens you’ve got someone there that can reach out for help.


Author: Alyssa Lombardi

 Alyssa Lombardi Running Coach

Meet Coach Alyssa:

Alyssa is the tremendous resource for runners.  She is a Running Coach, Personal Trainer, and full-time Exercise Physiologist. Before starting her career, Alyssa graduated from Keene State and Merrimack College with her Master’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science. At Keene State Alyssa was a 3-season runner in college where she was All-Conference in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field. Alyssa competed in every event from the 200 meters all the way to 5k in college and half marathons after college. Her 3 favorite events were the 1k, Mile, and 3k. Outside of running Alyssa enjoys continuing a healthy lifestyle with activities such as water sports, hiking, and watching Netflix to wind down. Alyssa Loves helping people reach their full potential while having fun during the process.

Contact Coach Alyssa with any questions at alyssaclombardi@aol.com 

Follow her awesome Instagram page here: @alyssa_RunFit for more tips and individual coaching.

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