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6 Tips for Becoming a Morning Runner

Running first thing in the morning comes with many benefits, such as giving you a productivity boost, improves heart health, jumpstarts your metabolism, and more. However, if you aren't already a morning person, it may sound impossible to start your exercise routine first thing. But don't get too discouraged, because it is possible to change your routine and becoming the morning runner you never thought you'd be. Here are a few of our suggestions: 

Get Plenty of Rest

To wake up so early, you'll want to get a good night's sleep. Make sure you get 7 to 8 hours of rest, so you don't wake up too groggy. Most importantly, though, don't hit the snooze button. Those extra few minutes may feel delightful, but it will get in the way of you settling this new routine. Avoid the temptation to snooze by placing your alarm clock far away from your bedroom.

Prepare What You Need in Advance

One of the best things you can do is get everything is ready the night before your run. Check the weather conditions and prepare for any extra layers or weather gear you'll need for your run. Get out everything, including your mp3 player, running shoes, socks, outfit, and even your breakfast. 

Do Warm-up Exercises

When first you wake up, your muscles will probably be stiff because you haven't moved in a while. To avoid any injuries, do some warm-up exercises before you go on your run, such as walking first before you start running and doing stretch exercises.

Listen to Music

For many runners, music is the encouragement that gets them going. Listening to music does more for you than you might realize. In fact, research shows that music can help you work out for a longer amount of time with more energy. Create a playlist that gets you pumped up for your run. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Becoming a morning runner is not going to be an overnight process. You may run into setbacks along the way as you adjust to your new routine. So, take it easy on yourself and don't get too down if you miss a morning or two. If you can, recruit a friend to be your running partner. Having someone run with you can help you stick to your routine.

Treat Yourself After Your Run

After your run, give yourself a treat. Whether it's a delicious breakfast, your favorite morning coffee drink, or relaxing to a morning show, treating yourself after your run will help you stay motivated. Before long, you'll be looking forward to putting your running shoes on and getting out there. 

A morning run is one of the most refreshing and energizing ways to start your day. However, it doesn't come easily or naturally for most people. If you are just beginning this routine, get our runner's recovery mix to help you post-workout.

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