Exactly What Runners Need, Nothing They Don’t.
We worked really hard to put together the optimal ingredients that are going to provide you with a drink mix that is highly effective, gentle on your stomach, and at a very reasonable price.

Ingredients and Benefits

1.  Carbohydrates
Carbs are important to help fuel runs but they are also crucial in recovery.  When you run, whether a race or workout, you deplete your muscle’s glycogen stores (glycogen is what helps fuel your muscles and provide energy).  Carbs are broken down into glucose and then further into glycogen and are stored in your muscles.  Replenishing with carbs helps restore a healthy level of glycogen so you are ready for your next race.  Also, after strenuous exercise your immune system is suppressed, carbs help your immune system bounce back more quickly, helping you stay healthy.

2.  Protein
Running takes strength and protein along with Branch Chain Amino Acids are the building block of muscle tissues.  One serving of Runner’s Recovery Mix provides the ideal amount of protein to help start to repair muscle tissue.

3.  Branch Chain Amino Acids
As mentioned above, BCAAs paired with protein are the building block of muscle tissue.  They are both crucial in helping to repair damaged muscles after a tough workout.  Also, certain BCAAs found in Runner’s Recovery Mix act as a vasodilator, which opens your blood vessels wider, allowing for nutrients and oxygen to get deeper into your muscle tissue and help flush out lactic acid.  This will help you get over soreness and build muscle more quickly.

4. Joint Support Ingredients
Running puts a lot of stress on your joints, tendons, and ligaments; so, it’s important that they stay hydrated and lubricated to help recover and avoid injury.  Runner’s Recovery Mix has Glucosamine and MSM, two powerhouse joint support supplements.

5. Electrolytes
Just like carbs are important to help fuel a run, electrolytes are important to help your muscles firing on all cylinders during a run as well.  But it is also incredibly important to restore electrolyte levels to a healthy balance after a run or race.  This will help keep your muscles hydrated, help flush out lactic acid, and ensure that your muscles are ready for your next run.

6. Creatine
Creatine is the fastest growing supplement for runners, both male and female, for good reason.  Old myths about needing to cycle on and off, or that they may or may not be ideal for women, have been thoroughly debunked!  Your body naturally creates creatine to help hydrate and build muscle tissue.  The creatine in Runner’s Recovery Mix is specially formulated to help build strength after a solid workout or race, and to make sure you are stronger for your next run!