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Runner’s Multivitamin Liquid-Filled

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2 Month Supply!

» The last thing you want is an upset stomach on race day!

– Maximum Absorption & Easy Digestion
– Promotes Optimal Health and Energy
– Made From Wholesome, Real Foods

The right nutrients, in the right quantity, in best form!

$19.99 $17.99

A daily multivitamin is essential for runner’s overall health. Running can deplete nutrients and suppress your immune system. The problem is that many of the leading multivitamins can be harsh on your stomach, or don’t come in a form that gets fully absorbed. That’s why Run Fit Nutrition has developed a multivitamin in liquid-filled form to provide maximum absorption and is guaranteed to be easy on digestion. This Runner’s Multivitamin is made from real, wholesome food and has the precise nutrients runners need to perform at a high level and stay healthy.

How is Runner’s Multivitamin Liquid-Filled specific to runner’s?

Liquid-Filled Form
Running puts a large amount of stress on your muscles, but it’s also no secret it can take its toll on your digestive track as well.  Most Multivitamins in compressed form never fully breakdown, so they are not fully absorbed.  That’s nutrients you’re paying for, but your body isn’t getting.  Also, as your stomach tries to digest those hard, compressed pills, it requires more blood flow to your stomach, while you really want that blood flow going to your muscles.  Our liquid-filled capsules dissolve easily in your stomach, and the nutrients are seamlessly fully absorbed into your body.

More is Not Always Better
The supplement business is very competitive.  In an effort to one-up each other, supplement companies are notorious for stuffing their multivitamins with as many products as possible.  Some that are not necessary, and sometimes in such high quantities that your body can’t absorb it all.  Not to mention, some of these fillers can be harsh on your digestive tract.  Runner’s Multivitamin Liquid-Filled has just the nutrients you need, and in just the right amounts that your body can absorb.  No fluff, no fillers.

  1. I love this stuff. I take it every day!

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