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RunFit Nutrition was started out of a passion for running, and has grown into a passion for helping runners like you reach your goals and stay healthy. We use only the highest quality ingredients that are guaranteed to get you the results you're after. 

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Sep 1, 2020

7 Tips for Running in the Heat

Alyssa Lombardi

Summer is in full swing and temps are up, that doesn't mean your running needs to stop... or even slow down!  Here are 7 tips for running in the heat to help keep you safe and keep you moving forward...

Jun 29, 2020

6 Ways You Can Tell You're NOT Ready For a Marathon

RunFit Nutrition

If you are considering running a marathon, here are some sure-fire ways to tell if you’re not ready, or not the marathon type.  If any of these 6 points really hit home for you, take a tip from TLC, “Don’t go chasing marathons, please stick to the 5k and 10ks you’re used to”!

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